antje grothe       

I believe that we have come to a point in human history where we should completely rethink the principles we want to live by. I aim to initiate a multidisciplinary discourse on the cause and effect of global and therefore resulting individual conflicts. I understand the task of the collective as to build a small network of strong receiver in order to detect faults and to be able to react faster. For me NOW presents the bridge in the intersection of practice, teaching, research and life wisdom. I grasp as a tool the infinite potential, which lies in the knowledge of various generations and in the understanding of diverse cultures heritages. My personal intention as an artist is, to look at globally acquired insights of life and place it in the discourse of modern research to explore ways to make the future fairer and more harmonious. In doing so, I feel responsible to the generation of my daughters. I am grateful to be constantly inspired and to explore and share endless opportunities.


Antje Grothe is co-founder of NOW, director, producer and lecturer. She produces image- and documentary movies. As a digital effects operator and producer Antje was involved in numerous international movie productions. She taught digital post-production at film schools and institutes and on behalf of the EU. For 12 years she has produced the visuals for the live event of the annual European Film Awards. She worked for various TV stations as a graphic designer. Antje was a fellow at the San Francisco Art Institute in the film and media department and finalized her studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin’s media design department with a diploma. She is the mother of 2 adult daughters.


melissa perales  


Over the past few years I have been working towards more gender equality in the music world. I was inspired after I attended several music related events and conferences and was somehow left with the feeling that the status quo and issues being spoken about were not speaking about myself nor about the women I encounter in my every day work life. I often felt the issues concentrated only on the negative aspects of being a women, trans or non-binary person in todays society and in particular the music industry – instead of discussing the many accomplishments that so many have made, the networks that have been initiated and the empowerment we have gained in working with each other rather than against. I would like to see this project be able to go further where the panels and talks have ended and look for answers and solutions—in other words, change! 


Melissa Perales moved from Chicago to Berlin in the middle 90’s after studying film at Columbia College Chicago.  Since then she has organized an international film festival, owned her own restaurant, and began booking and promoting live shows and film screenings under the moniker M:Soundtrack to which she currently presents monthly international & local acts in various venues around Berlin.  Since its inception in 2004, M:Soundtrack has become a platform and meeting point within the Berlin independent music scene. Melissa is a board member with all2gethernow e.V.,  a conference for new strategies within the music business and its cultural landscape.  Melissa’s passion is soundtracks, therefore starting Supertape – Berlin was the likely result: a music supervision and consulting company which she runs together with the documentary filmmaker, Sabine Steyer.  Melissa is a co-founder and consultant of the Music Pool Berlin Since 2014,  MPB is the central place to go for musicians and people working in the music business and living in Berlin.  In 2017, Melissa became the co-founder and curator of We Make Waves e.V., a Berlin based Europe-wide network based on learning, sharing, connecting and exchange for women, trans and non-binary in the music industry and other creative fields.  Since then she has made it her next mission in 2019 to create together with Antje Grothe (Media Producer) an online open learning and sharing based platform for female identifying and non binary people working in music and other creative industries.  Besides all of this Melissa is a pretty good hobby dinner party hostess.  You can find her often up late night watching supernatural TV shows to wind down from all the ideas but her main job is being a mom to two boys, 4 and 17 years old.